Monday, April 21, 2014

Pick Me Up Festival at Somerset House

Graphic Arts Festival Pick Me Up starts at Somerset House this Thursday till 5th May. 

There's so much going on; check out the events page for a day of drawing with Daisy de Villeneuve, stop motion animation with Andy Martin and an interactive family workshop with Chris Haughton.

Or there's the Show & Tell when selected graphic artists and illustrators talk about what inspires them and show their sketchbooks.

If you can't get there, there's social media stuff to get involved with too like the #CatSelfie v #DogSelfie competition where everyone will be tweeting their pet selfies! Here's the calendar of events. x

p.s lots of new stuff to share in the next week or so. Been squeezing in the odd hour here and there over the Easter holidays. My am I glad they're back at school tomorrow ;-)

Monday, April 07, 2014

Wandering London & Artist Textiles at FTM

I've been having some lovely jaunts recently. Before Ben started his recent project we had some amazing long walks from one part of London to another, discovering hidden corners and just enjoying the wandering. This artists' quarter in Harringay...

...this house in Hampstead.

We discovered this old family grocer in Marylebone and these 17th Century walled gardens Hampstead.

Then last Friday my sister and I popped to East London to see the Artist Textiles exhibition at the Fashion & Textile Museum.
It's such a great space inside and out, dark though (probably to protect the textiles), so I managed to get a few pics but not great quality. There are works by artists I never knew designed for textiles, like Chagall for example, who knew?! Our favourite area was upstairs with the Warhol and John Rombola (who I hadn't heard of before) but we both adored his Circus print below. 
Then we mooched to Borough Market for an Eastern Mediterranean extravaganza here. Highly recommended :-)

Raoul Dufy
Alastair Morton
John Rombola

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Habitat & Papyrus make a magic week :-)

Two exciting things happened this week. Firstly I've got a print in Habitat, which is pretty wowy! Habitat is one of those shops I have loved since childhood. It reminds me of my mum in the best possible way - we always had Habitat things in the house - so it's super to be there (despite my name being spelt in 2 different ways, ho hum).

Secondly a lovely set of cards arrived from Papyrus in the US. Last year I licensed Abacus and a new colourway of Nine Blocks to be used as boxed thank you cards and they are just lovely. They're a bit smaller than A6 (the size I usually work to) so they're really dinky and they have a lovely texture to them. Wouldn't it be nice if every week was like this :-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Paris weekend

It's our 10th wedding anniversary so we sneaked off to Paris for the weekend, courtesy of saved up Airmiles and my sister who had the boys for the night. It was gorgeous weather and we soon got very used to meandering around without the kids. (Kids don't understand the concept of meandering, unless you are trying to get them to school in a rush and then they bloody love it ;-) 
We managed to squeeze a lot in too, so handy having Paris a couple of hours away on the train. We ate really well, apart from the over friendly waiter telling me we couldn't order pudding until I'd finished this little dip that came with my main course. I said he was welcome to finish it for his breakfast. He thought he was hilarious. He was not ;-) x

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lilla Rogers Bootcamp: Assignment 2 - Jelly

This month, our Bootcamp brief was Jelly. Drawing lots of jelly, things associated with jelly, then using these motifs to design bolt fabric.
It started off fun, then got tough. The thing is I really have an aversion to novelty food fabric, so all I could envisage was this kind of thing. As I was drawing and making I could see some nice things happening, but they were more the abstract shapes coming from disassembling my drawings of jelly and pineapple rings, than the actual jelly design itself. But I knew I had to stick to the brief, so the jelly had to stay in. After much faffing I'm pleased with the result. I added some ice cream, iced gems and fruit and some of my more abstract shapes and it ended up working.

When that was done I got to work on what I really wanted to do and that was make a pattern out of the disassembled abstract shapes. I tossed out the jelly, the iced gems became more like jelly fish and and the pineapple rings became sea anemones.
I much prefer this pattern. My little tagline 'Breaking down the detail into shape and colour and pattern' is so true. I'm not so good at literal.

So then I noticed how the pineapple rings and the upside-down iced gems could be flowers too, so I played some more and worked on a print with my very favourite shapes, and that became Seaflower.

Seaflower and Seaflower Mono are now in Society 6 as various homewares and household items!
This course is rocking my world! I highly recommend it :-)